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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to introduce an ethical commissioning and procurement policy to stop G4S

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G4S is a security company alleged to be involved in human rights abuses. We call upon the Council to introduce an ethical commissioning and procurement policy which provides guidance on the exercise of discretion to exclude tenderers on the grounds of grave misconduct including human rights abuses, anti trade union practices and tax avoidance and fraud.

Any supplier which has committed a breach of the ethical policy should be considered to have committed an act of grave misconduct in the course of its business and should be excluded from tendering unless and until it can demonstrate that it has taken appropriate remedial steps. Any exclusion must be appropriate to the scale and nature of the offence or misconduct.

Submitted by John Clegg GM Unite Community…
Open from 20 Jan 2015 to 01 Jul 2015
Signatures: 574   [Go to signatures]

John Clegg GM Unite Community…, the e-Petition Creator, joined by:

  1. Miss Kate Eldridge on 28 Jun 2015
  2. Ms haley s on 24 Jun 2015
  3. Ms jenni Ford on 22 Jun 2015
  4. Mr Afzal Bhamjee on 21 Jun 2015
  5. Mr John Pearson on 21 Jun 2015
  6. Mr Jimmy Carter on 17 Jun 2015
  7. Mr Dave Quayle on 17 Jun 2015
  8. Ms Saoirse de Bont on 16 Jun 2015
  9. Mr Mark George on 16 Jun 2015
  10. Miss janine reed on 16 Jun 2015
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