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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to ask the people of Manchester on how to spend the £14.5 million Airport Dividend.

More details from petitioner:

We call upon Manchester City Council to hold a full public consultation on how to spend the additional Airport Dividend of £14.5 million.  People who live, work and study in the city of Manchester must be able to say what their priorities are.  While we want a cleaner and greener city, techno-fluff like "smarter bins" is an insult to people whose libraries and daycare centres are facing closure or reduction in services. £14.5 million is a huge some of money that would enable, for example, community improvement wards of £30,000 pounds for all 32 wards in Manchester for 15 years." 

Submitted by Jo Campbell
Open from 11 Sep 2013 to 10 Jan 2014
Signatures: 390   [Go to signatures]


Council response

This petition was considered by the Finance Scrutiny Committee in June 2014. The recommendations and any follow up actions are detailed in the attached minutes.

Jo Campbell, the e-Petition Creator, joined by:

  1. Mr Wasim Ahmed on 08 Dec 2013
  2. Miss Natasha Brooks on 04 Dec 2013
  3. Mr Oliver Walker on 04 Dec 2013
  4. Mrs S Waterfall-Bode on 26 Nov 2013
  5. Mrs audrey evans on 25 Nov 2013
  6. Mrs Tracey Annette on 23 Nov 2013
  7. Ms ilona Singer on 22 Nov 2013
  8. Mr JOHN HULME on 22 Nov 2013
  9. Mr Jonathan Rodwell on 20 Nov 2013
  10. Miss Roxanne Neall on 20 Nov 2013
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