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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Improve traffic calming measures around Whalley Range and surrounding areas.

More details from petitioner:

We feel that current traffic calming measures are insufficient to prevent racing and speeding cars at night time, particularly in the summer months. There is seemingly an increase in noisy speeding cars in the areas, both on the main roads and some of the back streets, which is dangerous for pedestrians and a nuisance for residents of all ages. We call on you to monitor, research and improve the traffic calming measures taken in M16 and include a wider and more effective range of methods including chicanes and speed bumps.

Submitted by maev
Open from 27 Jun 2018 to 22 Sep 2018
Signatures: 435   [Go to signatures]

maev, the e-Petition Creator, joined by:

  1. Mrs Anna Sutton on 28 Aug 2018
  2. Mr Peter Simpson on 21 Aug 2018
  3. Mr Brian Allen on 20 Aug 2018
  4. Ms Eram Akram on 19 Aug 2018
  5. Mr elias Ioannou on 19 Aug 2018
  6. Mr Kelvin Brown on 18 Aug 2018
  7. Miss Annapurna Mellor on 17 Aug 2018
  8. Ms paula darwish on 17 Aug 2018
  9. Mr Mike Benjamin on 16 Aug 2018
  10. Ms Elaine Hollins on 06 Aug 2018
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