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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Build a Street Workout Park

More details from petitioner:

In Greater Manchester is not possible to find any park with the equipment necessary to perform calisthenics or street workout (it is a body weight sport)

It would just require a couple of bars and that is all. It will be an outdoor park which will allow any person, of any age or gender train and improve their health.

There are many parks like these all across the UK and it would be fantastic for people in Manchester to have the chance too.


Submitted by Gabriel
Open from 05 Oct 2017 to 05 Mar 2018
Signatures: 18   [Go to signatures]

Gabriel, the e-Petition Creator, joined by:

  1. Mr Mark Shaw on 27 Feb 2018
  2. Mr Simon Hunter on 21 Jan 2018
  3. Mr Jakub Gresek on 10 Nov 2017
  4. Mr Jordan Christon on 29 Oct 2017
  5. Ms Milena Cwiklinska on 27 Oct 2017
  6. Mr Daniel Olowe on 26 Oct 2017
  7. Mr derek ahiamadi on 20 Oct 2017
  8. Mr Padraig Joseph Goggin CertHE on 07 Oct 2017
  9. Miss Veronica Urbina on 06 Oct 2017
  10. Mr Ignacio javier Viera fernandez on 06 Oct 2017
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