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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to SAVE THE WOODEN SIDE AT PROJEKTS MCR

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There are redevelopment plans at Projects MCR skatepark underneath the Mancunian Way in Manchester. 'Phase 3' planning is underway, some of us are concerned that our wishes to keep the wooden part of the skatepark are not being heard and ignored by the Managing Director. In the plans the wooden ramps will be torn down in favour of a new concrete area. We instead would like to see the money spent on the refurbishment or redesign of the wooden side of the skatepark. 

Submitted by skateparkcommunit
Open from 18 Sep 2017 to 17 Dec 2017
Signatures: 15   [Go to signatures]

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skateparkcommunit, the e-Petition Creator, joined by:

  1. Mr Majid Ali on 07 Nov 2017
  2. Mr Louie Osborne on 10 Oct 2017
  3. Mr James Doorbar on 29 Sep 2017
  4. Mr Wilson Abreu on 28 Sep 2017
  5. Mr Thai Tolkien on 28 Sep 2017
  6. Mr Joel Allard on 27 Sep 2017
  7. Mr adam wils0n on 22 Sep 2017
  8. Mr Thomas John on 19 Sep 2017
  9. Mr Isaac Wilkinson on 19 Sep 2017
  10. Mr Oliver Lewis-Chapman on 19 Sep 2017
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