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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Stop putting stickers on private hire vehicle

More details from petitioner:

We want manchestr city council to remove conditions of puting  councils stamped stickers from private hire vehicles. There are no need for such stickers as there are other councils which dosenot have these requirements. Its cost private hire drivers a lot of money damage the vehicle too.  such like uber drvers from all other councils who doesnot need any stickers on vehicle manchester council should remove the condition of puting the council stamped sticker on private hire vehicles.


Submitted by Mubbashar
Open from 30 Aug 2017 to 27 Feb 2018
Signatures: 24   [Go to signatures]

Mubbashar, the e-Petition Creator, joined by:

  1. Mr Ghulam Ali on 01 Feb 2018
  2. Mr MUSHTAQ AHMAD on 01 Feb 2018
  3. Mr Mansoor Rehman on 15 Nov 2017
  4. Mr M A K Dar on 15 Nov 2017
  5. Mr M Adeel on 15 Nov 2017
  6. Mr Majid Ali on 07 Nov 2017
  7. Mr Adnan Haider on 07 Nov 2017
  8. Mr Atif Ahmed on 04 Nov 2017
  9. Mr Muhammad Yasin on 03 Nov 2017
  10. Mr Kamran Yousaf on 02 Nov 2017
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