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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Implement traffic calming measures around the Burlington Road area of Withington

More details from petitioner:

We call on the MCC to update and improve the modelling and calming of residential areas around Burlington Road, Brunswick Road and Parsonage Road to improve safety of all users as well as drivers and passengers following a number of collisions.

We support this work being informed by locations of collisions not only where people have previously been killed and seriously injured, and where vehicles have been damaged, but also throughout our residential areas. This work needs to focus on reducing speeds, increasing pro social behaviour and care by all road users, and disrupting rat running routes; all as a contribution to Manchester's ambition for Zero KSIs.

Submitted by D Woodhams
Open from 19 May 2017 to 18 Aug 2017
Signatures: 106   [Go to signatures]

D Woodhams, the e-Petition Creator, joined by:

  1. Miss Sally Lee on 16 Aug 2017
  2. Mr Peter Mossey on 16 Aug 2017
  3. Miss Estelle Wolfenden on 14 Aug 2017
  4. Mrs Kate Massey on 02 Aug 2017
  5. Mr Aidan Murphy on 02 Aug 2017
  6. Mr Adam Pearce on 01 Aug 2017
  7. Ms Lynsey Marsh on 31 Jul 2017
  8. Mrs Helen Benson on 31 Jul 2017
  9. Mr Sam Brook on 31 Jul 2017
  10. Ms Yunmi Nam on 31 Jul 2017
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