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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to stop the proposed development of Nutsford Vale Gorton.

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Nutsford Vale is a well used park and community wildlife space in Gorton Manchester, nestled between Matthews Lane and Longsight Road, behind the Gorton Mount and Grange Schools.

In our opinion, this proposed development is simply unnecessary, and the damage to wildlife and local resident's lives cannot be afforded.

The council needs to make better use of the many brownfield areas in Gorton that require regeneration, and better use of renovated local schools that sit MOSTLY EMPTY.

Formerly a rubbish tip known locally as Jackson's, in the past 6 years Manchester City Council, local charities and community groups have invested over £600,000 and countless hours to improve the site and give the land back to the people of Gorton. From a shut-down landfill riddled with fly tipping, crime and antisocial behaviour, it now has a wildflower meadow, several seating areas, pond, lined footpaths and a community orchard. It seems very wasteful that Manchester City Council would turn it's back on charities and the community that invested heavily, as well as the money from their own taxpayers, to go ahead and ruin a beautiful green space they created and upheld as a triumph of progressive city building. 

Gorton has not always had the best reputation, with much that could be said about levels of antisocial behaviour, social poverty, residents' poor health and quality of life. Gorton has ranked highly in key areas within the indices of deprivation. With a sharp increase in the numbers of houses and developments occurring within Gorton and East Manchester in the past few years, we find it very concerning that areas of recreation and wildlife are being taken away, further declining the look and feel of the urban environment and impacting negatively on the residents lives.
It is important to us, as the residents of the City of Manchester, that we maintain a healthy balance between the numbers of new residents we are welcoming to our area and the amenities we can offer them and their families.

Manchester City Council has quietly applied to turn the beautiful Nutsford Vale into more houses and another school. This adds to the 11 schools already within a 1/2 mile radius of the park (some of which were finished in the last 12 months, and some of which are only partially occupied, and the many new estates that have sprung up in the last 3 years.

Submitted by Cassie_jsl
Open from 14 Sep 2017 to 14 Jan 2018
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