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There are 4 open e-petitions. These e-petitions can be signed up until the specified close date.

List of petitions
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Pedestrian Crossing on Ferndown Rd traffic light
Currently there is no pedestrian crossing at the end of Ferndown Road (where it meets Altrincham Road). Pedestrians walking along Altrincham Road are challenged to predict or guess car traffic and traffic light timingsbefore they attempt to...
michaelp 30 Aug 2018 2
Add Public Space Protection Orders around all abortion providing clinics, to end harassment of service users and staff.
We are campaigning for the public space outside Manchester abortion providing clinics to be free from intimidation and harassment, allowing those who wish to exercise their legal right to healthcare to do so without interference and judgement. ...
RubyP 21 Jun 2018 289
have RSPCA approved meat as minimum standard in school meals in Manchester.
We ask Manchester City Council to change its procedure so that all school meal caterers only supply meat from farms that have animal welfare standards that at least satisfy the Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)...
Roy Koia 19 Jun 2018 16
add traffic calming measures to Graver Lane, M40, at the junction of Hulmes Road
The junction of Graver Lane and Hulmes Road, M401QL, has had over 5 serious RTA's within the last 2 years. Not only is the area dangerous to local residents and pedestrians, it is now unsafe to park cars. Recent indents have also caused costly...
Samantha Forde 12 Jun 2018 2