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There are 6 open e-petitions. These e-petitions can be signed up until the specified close date.

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Removal of Stickers on Manchester private hire vehicles
Gangs of youngsters have started targeting manchester private hire cars has become an unwelcome trend for many years but as time goes on, and without any police intervention, the situation is getting worse. Nearly every manchester private hire...
Nabeel iqbal 31 Jan 2018 543
outdoor gym equipment in the parks
Hello  I am  writing  to you on behalf of few friends and residents in our community but mostly the love I have for Manchester. As a Manchester resident living between Moston and Blackley I have always been fond of the outdoors and would be safe...
derek-lebron 06 Feb 2018 7
Build a Street Workout Park
In Greater Manchester is not possible to find any park with the equipment necessary to perform calisthenics or street workout (it is a body weight sport) It would just require a couple of bars and that is all. It will be an outdoor park which...
Gabriel 04 Mar 2018 16
There are redevelopment plans at Projects MCR skatepark underneath the Mancunian Way in Manchester. 'Phase 3' planning is underway, some of us are concerned that our wishes to keep the wooden part of the skatepark are not being heard and ignored...
skateparkcommunit 17 Dec 2017 15
stop the proposed development of Nutsford Vale Gorton.
Nutsford Vale is a well used park and community wildlife space in Gorton Manchester, nestled between Matthews Lane and Longsight Road, behind the Gorton Mount and Grange Schools. In our opinion, this proposed development is simply...
Cassie_jsl 13 Jan 2018 569
Stop putting stickers on private hire vehicle
We want manchestr city council to remove conditions of puting  councils stamped stickers from private hire vehicles. There are no need for such stickers as there are other councils which dosenot have these requirements. Its cost private hire...
Mubbashar 26 Feb 2018 22

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