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There are 4 open e-petitions. These e-petitions can be signed up until the specified close date.

List of petitions
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Implement traffic calming measures around the Burlington Road area of Withington
We call on the MCC to update and improve the modelling and calming of residential areas around Burlington Road, Brunswick Road and Parsonage Road to improve safety of all users as well as drivers and passengers following a number of collisions....
D Woodhams 17 Aug 2017 3
Add speed bumps to sequoia street
Basically during the day and even the night, cars , motorbikes and quads are driving up and down the street at 60mph and there is a school and signs to drive slow but the drivers don't follow it. when they drive up and down the street at 2 - 3...
marc 23 Jul 2017 1
mark Bi Visibility Day, 23 September, each year, either by flying the bisexual flag, or illuminating the town hall in the bi flag colours of pink, purple and blue.
Bi Visibility Day has been marked around the world on the 23rd September each year for the past 18 years. The first time it was celebrated, 23 September 1999, it was marked in three countries - the USA, South Africa, and here in Manchester...
BiPhoria 25 Jun 2017 22
Remove the grass area to give us more parking
we as neighbours and friends would like the council to remove the grass area on our street so that we can have more room for parking as this is becoming a big issue and safety for the children who live here and passing through. This is a very...
Stephanie 24 Jun 2017 4

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