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Creating an online e-Petition

  1. Create your e-petition

    You must be a registered, logged-in user in order to create a new e-petition. If you have not yet registered on the site then you need to click on the "Register" link on the site homepage and complete your registration first.

    When you create a new e-petition you are asked to provide the title and text of your e-petition and also a short, one-word name for your e-petition which will be used to give your e-petition a unique web address that you can then use to promote it.

    You can specify a duration and also indicate whether there is a corresponding offline (e.g. paper) e-petition. If you want to provide some information to the officials who will be checking and responding to your e-petition then you can enter those when you create the e-petition.

  2. Submit your e-petition

    When you have completed the initial form, you can preview your e-petition and then make any further changes before submitting it for review.

    Once your e-petition has been submitted it will be marked as "Draft" and will be reviewed by officials to make sure that it meets the basic set of requirements for online e-petitions. If, for any reason, the e-petition cannot be accepted, it will be sent back to you with an explanation of the issues. If you can address those issues then you can resubmit your e-petition.

    Once your e-petition has been approved it will be published on the website and people can view it and sign it. It will remain live on the website for the duration starting from the date of approval. Any e-petitions that are rejected or not resubmitted will also be published on this website along with reasons as to why they were rejected. Any content that is offensive or illegal will be removed.

  3. e-Petition opened

    Once the e-petition has been approved and published on the website, you can promote its web address (URL) and anyone can come to the website, view it and sign it. As the e-petition creator, your name will be displayed on the e-petition.

    When people sign your e-petition they will be asked to give their name, address and an email address that can be verified. Anyone signing an e-petition will be sent an email asking them to click a link to confirm that they have signed the e-petition. Once they have done this, their name will be added to the e-petition.

    Your e-petition will show the current total number of signatures and the names of those signatories.

  4. e-Petition closed

    When your e-petition closes after the specified period, you may get a response to the issues that you raise, depending upon the nature of the e-petition and the number of signatures.

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